The downhill season

Our much maligned industry has been through an unwittingly torturous process of reform in the last few years. A once 'well regarded profession' lost the title profession during the boom of the late 90’s as the so called,  ‘white sock brigade’ otherwise referred to as ‘bums on seats’ appeared on virtually every high street. Untrained property experts, now there is a contradiction, individuals who thought the prospect of getting rich quick was enough regardless of whether they had either the wit or the talent, in most cases neither, nonetheless they joined the ever increasing number of jobsworth that lost the other part of our standing 'well regarded' virtually overnight.

That was then and this is now. But we have another breed of would be entrepreneurial estate agents, the on liners, as stated in the TV ads, real people, proper estate agents. YOPA, Purple bricks, Easy property to name but a few. All credible in their own right and all exist because they appear to offer a solution. However, this is not this solution that changes your fortunes in the housing market it is merely one that to those wishing for a cheap deal, it gives the illusion of offering a solution.

Anyway, this article is not about the agents and their particular philosophy or culture. It is about the changing face of values in the UK,. Are we as a nation not allowing ourselves to be defined by price rather than value, are we indeed guilty of chasing the market to the bottom, and not just in estate agency terms? This is where our industry are culprits, we have allowed ourselves to rely entirely upon being the cheapest and hoping for the best, how long will it be before it cost less to sell your proud possession, your number one asset, your home than it costs for a family rail fare to London? Where do we go from here? Many of course just don’t give a damn, but soon they will. Service is service, there are different standards for lots of reasons. It gives choice to the consumer which is all good and it serves to develops competition. However, what we witness today in the UK property market is not healthy competition in fact it is simply not healthy at all. Do we really want to start at the top and chase the market all the way to the bottom? 

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