Online health check

So, the message is loud and clear. The most recent statistics suggests that the Rightmove website has the third most visits to any website in the UK including that of the great British institution, the BBC. With 98% of property enquiries being generated through that portal as opposed to only 3% of those, for example that might visit an estate agent’s office. The trend is very clear. The future, not just in our industry but for more consumer products is web driven. Therefore, what is required is a colorful, well-illustrated, animated website with high quality images, vibrant colours, clear typography and now VR inspired integration. Social media is another form of generating additional activity, more engagement and bringing closer attention to that all so important website. Yes of course this is known to us all and anyone in practice today will have a clear focus on how they appear online but before we get too carried away with the 97% and growing that look at Rightmove we must put that through wringer to see what data is squeezed out the other side. Viewing numbers are up, house sales are down. Does that not suggest that Rightmove is driven by quantity not quality? Does that not mean that the vast majority of enquiries is voyeurism?  Finding out what you neighbours are up to, seeing how much someone elses house maybe worth. Yes, it is clear to anyone that operates in the world of estate agency that Rightmove will drive the highest number of initial numbers but is likely to have the lowest conversion from enquiry to sale. Nothing surpasses the excellence of good, personal communication. The private discussion, the face to face meeting, the frequent dialogue by telephone. These are the opportunities that are missed but those who reply solely upon Rightmove. There is now an increasing amount of properties that don’t get shown at all online for the simple reason that you become part of the mass. Any individuality, distinctive features or unique characteristics are lost as soon as they hit the screen. On Rightmove it is quite conceivable that a property may receive 100 click throughs with a 5% conversion success rate. Those who engage direct with the agent are more likely to have 50% success. Which would you prefer?

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