Nebulous or opalescent?

The UK marketplace is changing significantly. The supply and demand scenario has gone through a period of transformation over the last couple of years but more pronounced post Brexit referendum. Overseas investment, primarily into London, is now depleted and the ripple effects are being felt in the home counties and the shires. The domestic market is operating at less than 50% of what would traditionally be expected at this time of year. However, amidst all this uncertainty, hesitancy and possibly longer term decline there is always a cloud with a silver lining. That cloud holds a few hidden gems in the form of unique properties and projects.

For example, Art of Property currently has for sale a unique, one off project with distinctive characteristics. Situated in a prime and stunning 4-acre site on the river in Beaulieu, one of, if not, the most sought after New Forest destination in a totally screened, private and tranquil setting. It comes with an opportunity to bespoke a new build contemporary in design but still with a country residence feel. For more information and or to arrange a viewing of this one of a kind opportunity please call us on 01425 204240.