A fuzzy feeling

Just a few weeks ago we suggested there would be an anticipated uplift in activity in September, regrettably not what the industry has been used to in previous times. None the less the tradition of an increase of activity in all areas has happened and all indications suggest that it should see us through to early winter providing a warm fuzzy feeling for the workforce. The promise of an increase in interest rates, as strange as it may seem, could be a cloud with a silver lining for everyone. It may just stimulate the investment markets and trade which effects the high streets and as a consequence, all consumers. Those that rely upon savings and investments will be pleased, those travelling overseas will benefit marginally from the strengthening pound but it is the hard-pressed homeowners that will face an increase in mortgage payments, if indeed a rate rise is passed on, that will be most concerned. In the meantime, there are more people considering buying and selling than at any time so far during 2017 and there are more general enquires resulting in viewings and offers. It is motivational and inspiring to see the house sales process speed up and many will find the opportunity to move before the end of the year. Providing no other financial issues arrive in the meantime, it is of course possible. Other than Brexit and that is a long journey with many twists and turns, everything else seems relatively stable. Not exciting but neither depressing and looking as though in the autumn the UK property industry will be in a better place.