The harder the challenge, the more glorious the triumph

The requirement for negotiation is usually predicated by the need to satisfy a common objective, to win, but within a complex framework whereby the buyer and seller are diametrically opposed in their expectations in as much as they both expect to win.

“Art of Property” acts for those who are paying the fee. That process will only triumph by having professionals that get it right from the start and perform consistently throughout to its conclusion. This involves honesty and an uncompromising sense of responsibility for setting sound expectations in the first instance. We must then prove the expectation in practice. Many negotiations fail because both parties, buyer and seller, originally relied upon dubious or capricious guidance.

Your agent’s skills should be tested prior to engagement. You are well advised to asses their understanding of the proposition and challenge their strength of character and resolve. The client must determine the agent’s appreciation of your objective. All that is required of the client is logic and sound judgement.

Our team are highly trained and skilled craftsmen and women. Resilient, strong and charismatic presenters, tough and disciplined negotiators. The “Art of Property” enterprise is a performance and results orientated venture driven by people equal to the highest expectation.