In the Community

Any business relies upon the wider community for its success whether through provision of services, engagement with the consumer, readership or access to commercial markets. A community can be the lifeblood of many a business enterprise.

We recognise this, we appreciate and understand the value that the community brings to the way our business is perceived by the public. We are part of the service industry and wish to build our reputation on credibility and integrity, and not just for how we do business. Art of Property are responsible employers and we wish our employees to be share in our success in work rest and play.

As a successful business, we can use our profile to the benefit of those who seek, help or support in many ways. Our intention is to place our time and resources at the disposal of individuals or groups under the categories of care, community and charity. This may mean helping the elderly, under privileged children or those in distress. In the community that could embrace repairing the village hall, a local fete or promoting an event for a local school. Because it touches the lives of so many and personally touches those at Art of Property the other is support of a charity and cancer.

If you need support in something that you are doing, then please let us know. We allocate our resources annually and select the projects that we choose to assist and select different projects each year. If you are seeking support then we would be delighted to hear from you, please CLICK HERE to email us and our operations director Jo Chard will contact you to discuss your needs further.

We are here to help because we can!