Our guidance and direction will keep you on course

Our industry is very technology driven and renowned for working with quantity rather than quality, the principle being that if you throw enough at it some with eventually stick. For some this may well be an acceptable process, for us however it is not. As mentioned in our introduction we treat our service as an art form and a craft that we are proud of. That means getting it right, being specific and strategic, employing procedures that eliminate waste and deal critically with the objective - less as we know can be more. So if you tell us what you want that is what you will get. We will talk to you, often, we will ensure that you get the call, text or email, when you expect it. When we say we will do something we will, working in a partnership with you that we all respect, creating a plan just for you and putting words into action… That function is assured.

In order to underwrite everything we say about our service we have introduced a member’s club appropriately named ‘Art Club’. This serves a very particular and essential function, it provides an entitlement and accessibility to properties that are in the public domain and those which are not. Our Directors have knowledge of an extensive database of private sellers that have no desire for overt publicity, properties effectively that will never be placed in the public domain. Club members will be the only VIP prospects that will be introduced to these opportunities. To be a VIP club member you only need to register your details in confidence.

As explained in the Art Club section, we have the ability to access every on and off line opportunity and if you neither have the time or inclination to relentlessly trawl the markets in pursuit of your perfect home, we can, on a very affordable basis, undertake the entire pre-selection search and find process on your behalf.