Service to Buyers

Our industry is renowned for working with quantity rather than quality on the principle that if you throw enough at it some with eventually stick. For some this may well be an acceptable process, for us however it is not. As mentioned in our introduction we treat our service as an art form and a craft that we are proud of. That means getting it right, being specific and strategic, employing procedures that eliminate waste and deal critically with the objective - less as we know can be more. So if you tell us what you want that is what you will get. We will talk to you, often, we will ensure that you get the call, text or email, when you expect it. When we say we will do something we will, working in partnership with you that we all respect, creating a plan just for you and putting words into action. That function is assured.

Our ‘Art Club’ and concierge service is something a little different. This is specifically for those who have committed to the house buying process and are intent on moving rather than perhaps just in the preliminary stages of contemplating whether they do or don't move.

If you are considering a move sometime in the future it is extremely advantageous to ensure that over a course of time you are fully informed of movement and activity in the local markets. To that end we will provide you with monthly newsletters and commentary that may affect your decision making process.