Art Club

By becoming a member of our Club we will ensure that your receive buyer alerts and VIP invitations to view properties before they actually go online or made available to the wider audience. We can fast track you into the best opportunities. If the market does not satisfy your expectation then we can provide you unrestricted access through our discreet personal home finder concierge service. It is a hand holding exercise for those who have neither the time or inclination to trawl the markets, they equally have no desire for the “hunter to become the hunted” falling prey to over zealous agents. We will take good care of you and your interests and not forgetting that sometimes what you are looking for comes along when you are not looking at all!

Art Club serves a very particular and essential function. It provides an entitlement and accessibility to properties that are in the public domain and those which are not. Our Directors have knowledge of an extensive database of private sellers that have no desire for overt publicity, properties that effectively will never be placed in the public domain. Club members will be the only VIP prospects that will be introduced to these opportunities and to be a VIP club member you only need register your details in confidence. As explained in the Art Club section we have the ability to access every on and off line opportunity. If you neither have the time or inclination to relentlessly trawl the markets in pursuit of your perfect home we can, on a very affordable basis, undertake the entire pre-selection search and find process on your behalf.

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