We never forget the roof over your head pays for the roof over ours

The collective brain behind “Art of Property” boasts years of experience in the “country house market” and this concept is niche in every conceivable way. It evolved from an exhaustive study of what makes the market work, what defines us as consumers and our inevitable desire for betterment. Relevant skill, experience and expertise are prerequisites but it is the manner in which we articulate them that really matters.

Real estate agency services have never been sophisticated or scientific. They are no more than common sense, market awareness and entrepreneurial flair. The latter reflects a shift towards authentic artisanship particularly when you are a purveyor of a selected portfolio. Today’s entrepreneur requires a high appreciation of aesthetics and holistic creative solutions. This means greater reliance on originality and a total understanding of the whole market place.

Our market place is in theory global as we now entertain prospects from far and wide. Nationally our area acts as a magnet for those seeking a lifestyle change, no more evident than from our London Mayfair Office whereby our partners feed the exodus of buyers beating a path to our door from the London suburbs.

Our trade is changing with ever increasing on line only offerings, discount high street brands, multi nationals and independents. They are all in relentless pursuit of property. However “Art of Property” distinguishes itself by a focus on quality over quantity, a less is more approach. We aim to do it right and do it well with convenience, flexibility and exemplary standards of personal service. We strive to demonstrate that there are those that make a quantifiable difference on all levels.

Property is a topic that from time to time consumes us all and remains a subject that encourages debate. When the time comes to decide to make that move the most important aspects are specialism and strategy, and these salient features epitomize the very essence of our entire operation.