Don’t sit back and watch this space... be the space!

If “Art of Property” are having to sell your property something isn’t quite right. We expect someone to want to buy it. Therefore the plan depends upon a compendium of attributes designed with one intention, a call to action from the consumer. Viewing through a screen is convenience personified yet print remains the single most influential way of distinguishing a product.

Advertising is the vision or dream bought to life, the opportunity to engage with the masses through websites, newsprint, magazines, social media, video, microsites, brochures to name some of the many methods. So which adds greatest value? The answer is all of them. Creating high profile visibility through a series of insightful initiatives will grab the attention of all consumer groups.

These mediums would not exist if there were no demand for them. You cannot afford to reflect on what you did not do? If your ambition is for a successful transaction it is essential to have an effective all embracing plan that sets out the road signs to divert public attention to your offering. The old adage reminds us … only 50% of advertising works but which 50%? … the moral of this story is don't cut corners!

Art of Property has a community network which enables us to get privileged information of upcoming instructions which may not necessarily otherwise make it to the open market. Our team boasts extensive property intelligence working intuitively with individuals that make that all important difference.

Club members will receive frequent communication via text, email and phone. You will receive a micro brochure and an early viewing schedule. When we have the knowledge we will share it with you immediately. This service will give you the confidence that we are right on side and one step ahead at all times.